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Textile Workshop

Situated in an alleyway measuring less than 20 feet wide in Downtown Blacksburg, the workshop must encompass an exhibition space to showcase the textiles that are made in a loom studio, a gift shop that sells merchandise made in the studio, and a residential apartment that houses a weaver all while not blocking pedestrian traffic through the alley. The alley sits between DP Doughs and Hokie Hair and serves as a shortcut from heavily trafficked North Main Street to the slower back roads right off of Virginia Tech's campus.

Textile Alley Section.jpg

Due to the tight and narrow site, the design was led to combine vertical circulation and exhibition into the same space. Hung from the ceilings, textiles drape down through the floors and allows visitors to view them from various heights. Next to the stairs, besides the railings, on the stairs, and on the landing, the textiles follow the linear axis of the site to efficiently utilize the space.

Textile Alley Plan.jpg
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