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First Year Works

Light Fixture

The lamp is a three-dimensional spatial composition that focused and challenged the qualities of modeling materials other than chipboard and foam core. 

It stands at 39" (L) x 14" (W) x 15" (H) and is constructed from Dark Walnut Wood and Clear Sheet Glass with a physical switch to turn the blue lights on and off.

Where the three axes intersect, clamps are placed underneath the wood materials and suspend the two horizontal elements through compression against the vertical glass. 

Conceptual Repetition

Given the prompt "The Promise of Repetition", we were asked to show how the repetition of a singular move can provoke a secondary gesture. 

Here, the scales of a square are repeated, and each layer from the front is painted a shade darker than the previous one. This questions whether the shading is a result of the perspective from the front to rear, or follows the natural shadow that it cast upon itself.

First Year Studio Lobby Exhibit Page.jpg
1st Year Competition Back
1st Year Competition Low Front Perspecti
Final 2.0 Cube Side 2.jpg
Abstract Cube

With dimensions of 8" x 8" x 8", the cube is a composition of lines, planes, solids, and voids. Made out of foam core, the surfaces were glued and covered with bristol paper to appear as if the model is a singular mass.


Investigations between physical weight, physical space, the hierarchy between elements, and joinery of elements determined whether the model could stand on multiple sides.

Final 2.0 Cube Straight.jpg
Kinetic Sculpture


Using a five-pound weight that falls five feet for five minutes, design and construct a kinetic sculpture that cost less than five dollars.

Using a pendulum gear mechanism, the five-pound weight slowly lowered as the foam core triangles gradually rotated and fanned around the metal rods. Acrylic is attached between each layer of foam core to evenly spread the triangles in rotation.

Learning Outcomes:

Keep-it-stupid-simple (K.I.S.S.)

The majority of our time was spent figuring how to design a mechanism that would work rather than the design of the sculpture itself.

Group Members:

Kylie Quinn & Leon Shen

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