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ABOUT Raymond 

Hello, and welcome!


Thank you for taking the time to look through this creative space that, in essence, represents me. Let me give you a quick background about myself.

My name is Raymond, and I graduated from Virginia Tech in May of 2020. During my education, I developed an interest in sustainability and focused my works on economic, environmental, and societal aspects. Whether it is through photography, videography, music, or choreography, I have always loved expressing myself and others through various mediums. 


Spring of 2019, I had the lucky opportunity to study in Riva San Vitale, CH, and traveled to various European countries visiting and studying numerous significant works of architecture. I've gained and learned so much through this experience, but one thing that remains within me is how architecture is not only about the built spaces, but it's influence on the built environment. 

While there is still much to learn about design in the future, I am excited to keep this platform updated about my love for architecture and passion for creative outlets.


Virginia Tech School of Architecture & Design

Bachelor of Architecture | Cum Laude

Steger Center for International Scholarship


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