Lungo le Corde

Group Members: Jack Littrell, Sean Pickering, and Carlyn Schaeffler
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Lungo le Corde, also known as "String Along", is an interactive room made of four framed walls and eight shutters, all hand-notched and woven with string at varying spacings. With the expertise of Kevin Haley from London based firm Aberrant Architecture, we took a common architectural language (door and window shutters) from the town of Riva San Vitale and designed an engaging installation in which the residents can enjoy.

With a budget of 500 hundred Swiss Francs, one week for design development and construction, and Italian-English language barriers when proposing the installation to a town meeting, this period was a moment in where we professionally worked in groups from start-to-finish of an architectural project.

Lungo le Corde allows visitors to view the lake and mountains from a framed view, whether that's through the one-inch spaced woven string on the framed walls or eighth-inch spaced woven string on the swinging shutters.

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Top Left: Jack Littrell

Top Right: Sean Pickering

Bottom Left: Carlyn Schaeffler

Bottom Right: Raymond Kwong

Despite being an intricate installation, "Lungo le Corde" was successful as construction was finished well before the deadline, the budget was not exceeded, the public enjoyed swinging the shutters and well appreciated by a resident where it currently stands in their home, and nonetheless a compatible work dynamic.

We utilized each of our interests and expertise within the group and efficiently decided who will be responsible for different aspects of the project. 

Learning Outcomes:

With each framed wall having a different set of shutters, documentation of drawings was important to stay organize and minimize confusion. Consider resources and tools readily available as our initial design would have been difficult to construct.